Working With Me

Strategy Session

The most valuable part of our collaboration begins with a meeting to listen to your story and determine the needs that prompted you to contact me. From there, I create a project proposal to outline the scope of work (SOW) which might include needs analysis, designing, and developing a learning solution; however, it might only include 1-2 of those aspects of a project depending on your needs, budget, and timeline. We'll review the project proposal together to decide if you want to move forward and create an agreement and contract.

Planning and Designing

In the next steps, I will outline the journey ahead by creating and sharing several documents. First, the project plan and timelines will be agreed on by both of us to make sure that we stay on schedule and that I am clear on your desired outcomes. We will also define any non-training recommendations for your project.

After this, I will create a design document to give you a high-level overview of the content and conceptual design of the project. Once we have agreed on this high-level overview in a review cycle, I will start creating a storyboard and/or prototypes for the project. You'll find examples of these documents on my Instructional Design portfolio.

Partnering With Me

While you are hiring me to help craft a learning solution that will facilitate behavior change, you and/or your team are an essential part of the process. In our planning stages, I will define review cycles and feedback sessions for you so that I can get your input on the design and development of your custom solution early and often.

Your input is essential to the successful creation of the design document, storyboards, and possible prototypes. Strong, consistent feedback from you during the review cycles ensures a confident start to the development and implementation process.

Development, Implementation, and Evaluation

The development of your learning solution into a usable format for the intended audience begins in this stage. This may be as simple as development of a storyboard into an eLearning course, or it may be as complicated as creating a new learning ecosystem for your organization.

Whatever the solution, our major decision points are behind us and now we put your vision into action. I deliver the solutions to you in the format intended with assessment aligned to objectives so that you can clearly evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

Check out some examples of my finished eLearning projects, previous ILT/vILT projects, and completed Microlearning projects.

With attention to your vision and goals through a continuous iteration and feedback process, I want you to end up with a learning solution that will change outcomes. Whether performance, profitability, or culture shifts, good learning design changes people and process.