Instructor-Led Training

Love Your LinkedIn Profile vILT

Challenge: Members of a job reskilling program needed to create or revise their LinkedIn profiles to acknowledge their career transition and showcase their new skills, projects, and competencies. They needed to optimize their LinkedIn profiles to improve their visibility to recruiters and potential employers.

Solution: A virtual experiential training session was created in order to guide members through profile revision and optimization. A Facilitator Guide and PowerPoint deck were created to deliver the training. As part of a blended learning solution, members had the option to submit their completed profile in a digital badging process to receive additional feedback.

Tools: Zoom, PowerPoint

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Hands On Hyperdocs Facilitator Guide.pdf
Copy of The HyperDoc on HyperDocs - original by Justus Modified by Susan

Hands-On Hyperdocs Virtual Training

Challenge: Instructors were faced with a myriad of instructional delivery methods in the spring of 2020 and during the 2020-21 school year. Finding methods and instructional frameworks that would work across virtual, blended, and in-person learning environments was a huge challenge. A private educational company asked me to present this session to help meet this challenge.

Solution: This experiential session was virtually facilitated with educators in the fall of 2020. It provided an opportunity for them to practice with, reflect on, and analyze the value of hyperdocs, a type of instructional delivery product that could work across multiple learning environments. The group that took this session went on to use this method extensively, reflecting at the end of the year that it was the "single most significant change" they made to teaching and learning in 2020-21.

Tools: Google Suite, YouTube, Padlet, Zoom