eLearning Examples

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Challenge: The client came to me requesting training creation for a new CRM mobile app the service technicians were required to use. The client was losing a lot of money by not billing customers for their service technicians' work because the techs would not use the app. During our kickoff meeting, we identified several non-training solutions to implement, and then identified that training on using the mobile app was a strong part of the total support system for the service technicians.

Solution: After taking the training, technicians reported a significant increase in ability and confidence with using the app. By using the app, the technicians are now billing for thousands of dollars that had been previously unrecognized.

Client: TechnoAlpin USA

Tools: Articulate Storyline and Camtasia


  • Video help references on every screen for additional instruction with branching choices for different skill levels

  • Simulation-based training helped with practice and testing

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Challenge: The company's employment engagement surveys (EES) indicated a significant negative correlation between team meetings and productivity levels. Several startling statistics about meetings prompted the company to seek help creating a learning solution for managers in their Products Division so that they could lead more productive meetings. During the kickoff meeting, we identified systems, processes, and strategies that aligned to the company's values that could help standardize meeting processes and encourage managers to find ways to have less meetings that were inherently more meaningful.

Solution: As part of a blended learning solution, I designed this Rise course to help managers identify common obstacles to meeting productivity and learn strategies for maximizing meeting productivity. This project was complemented by two spaced VILT sessions that involved practice and discussion in a safe environment for managers to discuss their successes and challenges.

Client: [Confidential]- name has been changed to Aviato

Tools: Articulate Rise, Storyline


  • Scenario-based learning

  • Strong practice activities with feedback

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Challenge: Onboarding new employees is time-intensive and is not always completed with the attention to both soft skills and job-specific tasks required to enable employee success and customer satisfaction.

Solution: The creation of the New Employee Orientation series, employees receive more complete, holistic training in both soft skills and job-specific demands. This project was designed in collaboration with others who did the storyboarding and overall design of the project, and I contributed development skills on this project.

Client: [Confidential]

Tools: Articulate Storyline


  • Audio examples for specific aspects of business phone calls

  • Application-level knowledge checks

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Challenge: The client had many new hiring processes happening simultaneously and needed to create teams to lead the hiring for each position. Since many employees on the teams were new to the hiring process, the client wanted a short, scenario-based training on bias in the hiring process in addition to several other training and learning aids for these teams.

Solution: A 15-20 minute scenario-based e-learning that teams could take individually so that their limited time together could be used for discussing and interviewing candidates.

Client: [confidential]

Tools: Articulate Storyline and Camtasia


  • Accessible to the first-time member of an interview team and experienced team members.

  • Scenario-based interactions give it realistic setting

  • Bias training aligned with organization's goals for diversity, equity and inclusion