Instructional Design

Design Documents

Design documents outline the scope of the project and provide a high-level preview of the training solutions I propose.

Field Service Mobile App Training Project

Design Document TA March 2021.pdf

This design document was created for the client to provide an overview of a blended learning solution including eLearning and job aids. After the task analysis, it included recommendations for non-training solutions such as custom modifications to the CRM by the organization.

Leading Productive Meetings

Leading Productive Meetings Rise Course Design Document.pdf

As part of a blended learning solution, this design document was created for a project done as consultative work for a company. The design document outlines the eLearning portion of the project, designed for first-time mid-level managers in the company's Products division.
(Note: Company/employee names have been changed to provide anonymity.)

Storyboarding and Prototyping

Storyboarding provides clients with a moment-by-moment description of the learning experience. This is an essential step in ensuring that content is correctly presented and the learning is aligned to the outcomes created. Prototyping can be used to give clients a snapshot of the learning experience's look and feel.

(Note: Company/employee names have been changed to provide anonymity.)

IT Security Series Storyboard

Storyboard Password Protector (Module 1) Susan Ogilvie.pdf

This storyboard is part of an eLearning series of modules created to solve challenges in Information Security misinformation among stakeholders in a large scale data warehouse project.

Hiring and Interview Practices Scenario Storyboard

Storyboard Engineer Lead at Mall Aerospace Susan Ogilvie.pdf

This storyboard was created from a non-linear branching scenario (see following prototype) to increase the skills and capacity of recruiters and hiring managers to provide a smooth, quick interview and hiring process for technical positions.

Branching Scenario Prototype

(click on image or headline to see prototype)

This prototype, created in Twine, helped the client envision the situation I created for hiring managers and recruiters based on their source content in a way that a storyboard couldn't. The simple prototype allowed a quick immersive learning experience that I later translated into a storyboard.